Logo with PoC-inclusive LGBTQIA+ Pride rainbow bridging two clouds. The words "Iggy's Initiative" are aligned one above the other in red below, with trans pride colours extending out to the right from the final 's' of "Iggy's"

I never want to hear anybody told they should “act more normal” or “try to fit in”

Ausome Charlie

Time to Get Creative

It’s safe to say there has to be a LOT of creative talent all across the Double Rainbow. For Iggy’s Initiative we’re asking you to show us.

Gender Creativity and the Spectrum

Gender expression and identity has often been considered as binary—either masculine or feminine—but most of us fall somewhere along or outside of the spectrum of gender characteristics.

If You Need Help

We’ve compiled a list of some organisations in the United Kingdom you can turn to for support if your home isn’t safe for you, or if you need support or advice.


We’re asking for submissions that have some connection with the Double Rainbow—with neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ lives and experiences.