The Rainbow Team

We are a small team of volunteers dedicated to promoting acceptance and inclusion.

A smiling white woman with long red hair, wearing glasses with dark red frames, and smiling at the camera.

Alexandra Forshaw

Admin & Website

Alex Forshaw is bisexual, autistic and trans. She’s a mum, an artist, a musician, a writer, a successful software developer, and a director of AIM.

She has written and consulted as an Expert by Experience on autism and its intersection with gender diversity. She has a particular interest in improving mental health services and support for neurodivergent people.

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Charlie Hart (she/they)


Charlie Hart is a working mum (HR Analyst), and a loud and proud autistic and bisexual role model.

Charlie was identified autistic in her early 40s and has since promoted neurodiversity acceptance and inclusion, particularly of neurodivergent adults in the workplace.

She has a blog and a Facebook advocacy page, and has written about her experiences as a late-diagnosed autistic woman here.

Close-up of a short-haired white woman wearing glasses and white headphones, holding a red teddy bear alongside her head

Erin Ekins


Erin Ekins is a queer autistic woman who runs the popular blog Queerly Autistic. She has appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire show, Radio 5 Live and the Channel 4 documentary ‘Are You Autistic?’ and presented at NAS conferences. She lives in Essex with her two mums, her brother and her two dogs, Thor and Odin.

She has a book, due out soon: Queerly Autistic: The Ultimate Guide for LGBTQIA+ Teens on the Spectrum.

A young white person with short brown hair and glasses wearing a dark grey top

Katie Munday (they/them)


Katie Munday was diagnosed Autistic in their late 20s. They have worked with Autistic and Disabled children since 2013 through nursery work, social groups, sports clubs and relational research. 

Katie finished their BA in Childhood and Youth Studies with Psychology in 2020 and is currently studying an MRes in Gender Studies.

Their research explores first-hand experiences of transgender and / or non-binary Autistic adults to make recommendations for future research on their lived experiences.

Head shot of a black woman with shoulder length straight, brown hair and piercings in her ears, nose and cheeks

Kodie Morris-Dalmayne


Kodie Morris-Dalmayne, otherwise known as Green Streak, is a bi autistic advocate.

Kodie, 22, is mum to one little one and is currently studying Criminology and Criminal Psychology. 

Kodie enjoys art, reading and loves to write.

A white drag queen with dramatic eye makeup, wearing a large wig in shades of dark red, purple and pink, and reading from a story book.

Sab Samuel


Also known as his fabulous alter-ego Aida H Dee, Sab is the founder of Drag Queen Story Hour UK and Britain’s first full-time drag queen storyteller, as well as being the first drag queen in Europe to read stories to children in a nursery.

A proud advocate for autistics, ADHDs and LGBTQIA+ people across the UK and beyond, his favourite colour is glitter.

Bobbi Elman (she/they)


Bobbi is a Pan Autistic Consultant and trainer of the Autistic Experience for over 16 years with a Post grad in Autism from Acer University of Birmingham. Her website

Bobbi is also a parent of two adult Neurodivergent children, one who is non-binary and pan. Bobbi also writes a blog.

Bobbi has a particular interest in improving understanding acceptance and support for young Autistic Children especially those hyper empathetic and with exposure anxiety ( a type of PDA).

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