‘Autism’ a message from a non-binary Autistic child

This was originally shared by Jess of Supporting and Celebrating Neurodiversity with permission from the writer and their parent. Written by a 7-year-old non-binary Autistic community member.


Some Autistic people have learning disabilities where they appear younger that their age. I do not have learning disabilities but I do learn differently. I have Dyslexia that means some things I can find more difficult to remember. Brave spelling really helps me.

I am really clever with thinking about things. I think about a lot and about other people and animals. I find drawing really relaxing. I find drinking from a straw or drinks bottle relaxing.

Some Autistics repeat a word after they’ve said it. Me and my Brother do this. It feels nice. Also saying things over and over is relaxing. I have strong sensory feelings. It means that to me I hate tight or itchy clothes, and even if other people don’t find clothes tight and itchy, I find it tight and itchy because I am sensitive to it, so I have to get bigger size clothes. Some autistic people like tight things and that’s their sensory need.

I struggle in a crowd of people and talking to a crowd of people. Sometimes I wear ear defender to block noise. I also struggle with listening for a long time, this is usually in the classroom. I like to move a lot and make noise, it feels nice, but I don’t like other people’s noise because it’s distracting or painful if in my ear.

There is lots of autistic people but not as many as people who are not autistic. There are speaking and non-speaking Autistics. Just because you don’t speak it doesn’t mean you can’t communicate or understand. Speak to autistic people even if they can’t talk.

I like routines because they make me feel comfortable and I don’t like changing them. I don’t feel comfortable when my routines get changed. Routine means when you like to do the same thing for bedtime or going to school.

I want to tell you that I am non-binary and this means I like boy and girl things. I don’t feel one or the other. This is more common in autistic people.

I want you to know that some of my noises or movements are not on purpose and I try not to do them but this makes me uncomfortable. That’s why sometimes I crawl under my table when there is just a little space.

Everybody, autistic or not autistic, has things they are good at and things they find hard.

I don’t want me and other autistic people being made fun off. I want everyone to be equal and treated fairly no matter what.

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